Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Inspirational Jewelry with Quotes, Sayings, and Affirmations

Looking for some jewelry that makes a statement? Affirms? Inspires? Take a look at some of our latest inspirational necklaces and lockets with various quotes, saying, affirmations and bible verses. From faith to fun, there's a necklace or locket with just the right words for you or for the person you're looking for! Here are just a few of the latest designs. Above, is the 'believe' necklace which features a beautiful pink glitter background and white glitter heart with the inspirational word, 'believe'. The glitter is not real glitter so there's no worry about making a mess on your clothes! All the glam of glitter without the mess. 

Next up, one of my favorites --motivational words, 'be fearless' are featured on a silver glitter background (again just a glitter graphic not real glitter) encouraging people to not be afraid. Great for yourself or for someone entering a new path in their life.
Inspirational Be Fearless Jewelry
Inspirational Be Fearless Jewelry by QuoteLife
Love a more vintage style? This necklace features a blue distressed gray damask background with gray tones and the affirmation, 'be brave". All wording can be customized and personalized with your own favorite quote, words, or affirmation.

Looking or a watch with some inspiration? We have those too. This beautiful shabby chic style watch features a retro style background and floral accent with the words, 'choose happy'. Great affirmation to look at everytime you check the time!
Or maybe you're looking for several inspiring quotes and sayings? This watch has it covered with a variety of short inspirational quotes, sayings and words...
Inspirational Quotes and Sayings Watches
Inspirational Quotes and Sayings Watches by QuoteLife
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Many more necklaces and jewelry to choose from; check out all of our inspirational and affirmation designs here: Quote Life Boutique